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Strong Hold Water-based Pomade

EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Water-based Pomade is made with natural argan oil which absorbs quickly with no oily residue. It nourishes and hydrates while providing a strong and pliable hold. The unique fresh and clean scent will invigorate your senses and freshen up your hair even in between washes. With our water soluble and non-greasy formula, you can be confident that it will wash out easily and style with versatility, and does not clog pores or cause breakouts. So whether you want to texturize with a natural finish, hold style without build up, define curls, control frizz, or tame edges, Edge Booster will be your favorite styling solution.






Coconut Banana

Cucumber Lime


Lemon Berry

Lemon Candy



Sugar Melon

Sweet Peach


Strong Hold Water-based Mini Pomade

For those that long to be held, EDGE BOOSTER Strong Hold Water-based Mini Pomade is what you’ll love wherever you go. Hold your best look day or night, even in the most humid environments. No need to compromise good looks for good hair either. It stays put when you want it to and washes out without a fuss when you’re ready to move on. Add rich texture, pile on the style, and tame your tresses with this versatile styling solution, available in mini sizes to take along to the gym or on your globetrotting adventures around the world.

Acacia Mini

Apple Mini

Blueberry Mini

Coconut Banana Mini

Golden Shine Mini

Grape Mini

Lemon Berry Mini

Lime Cucumber Mini

Pineapple Mini

Strawberry Mini

Sugar Melon Mini

Sweet Peach Mini

Extra Shine Strong Hold Pomade

Shine on and on with EDGE BOOSTER Extra Shine Strong Hold Pomade. It keeps up with even the thickest and coarsest hair, staying shiny and in place for longer than you can last. With lanolin oil and castor oil, it smooths hair to a stunning finish, freeing you from frizz and flyaways so you can add luster to your locks. Whether you like up ‘do’s or down ‘do’s, this shine-boosting strong-holding pomade will help you rock your look, no matter the style.

Cool Shine

Hot Shine

Sweet Shine

Cool Shine Mini

Hot Shine Mini

Sweet Shine Mini

HIDEOUT Strong Hold Water-based Pomade

Shhh! We know your secret but we won’t tell! EDGE BOOSTER HIDEOUT™ Strong Hold Water-based Pomade is designed to cover gray hairs in an instant. No need to panic before your hot date rings the doorbell. They’ll never know about that gray that just popped up this afternoon unless you tell them. And why would you? Look your most fabulous and youthful while holding your favorite styles in place and keeping gray areas where they belong…out of the picture. Choose from Dark Brown or Natural Black in a convenient compact size that brings new meaning to concealed carry so you can touch up anywhere you go!

Dark Brown

Natural Black

Hair Pomade Stick

Hold your style in place with a single swipe. Brush the pomade stick directly onto your short hair. The texturizing pomade can be applied to dry and damp hair for instant texture and all-day hold.

The natural beeswax formula is soft, pliable, and easy to adjust, so you can reshape and perfect your style. EDGE BOOSTER Hair Pomade Stick delivers strong hold with a shine for a natural look.



Sweet Peach

Performance Styling Cream

Achieve an effortless, natural look with maximum hold. Edge Booster Performance Styling Cream has a creamy texture and delivers the grip and hold that you need with a non-shiny, matte finish.

It’s easier than ever to achieve the perfect tousle, twist, or hair shape in seconds. Simply rub a small amount on the palm of your hands and style your dry or damp hair for a look that lasts all day. The matte cream formula is water soluble, so it washes out easily and completely. Plus, it’s made without parabens or mineral oil for your hair and scalp health.

Performance Styling Cream


EDGE BOOSTER FITTING Gel holds your style in place all day with maximum staying power. Simply apply a small dab of gel onto your hands, then tousle, twist, and shape your dry or damp hair with the perfect amount of grip. Once you’ve mastered the look, the FITTING Gel helps it stay all day!

Nourishing coconut oil and invigorating peppermint oil add shine for a fresh, high-end style. Choose between two bottle size options to style your hair every day or enjoy long-lasting hold on special occasions.


7.05 oz


1.05 oz

Strong Hold FITTING Spray

Spray your way to a strong hold. EDGE BOOSTER FITTING Spray delivers powerful hold with one-touch spray application. A misting spray top disperses the liquid formula evenly without dangerous aerosol. Easily mist your dry or damp hair from 6 inches away before or after styling.

FITTING Spray features a natural aqua base with nourishing Salvia Hispanica seed oil, also commonly known as chia seed oil. Chia seed oil is a natural source of essential fatty acids that help hydrate and repair hair. With every spritz, enjoy a reliable styling hold that strengthens your hair in the process.


8.8 fl oz


2.3 fl oz

Leave-in Conditioner

Short on time? Go big on shine and silky-smoothness with WIGOUT Leave-in Conditioner. Spray the gentle mist on, smooth it through to the tips and let the rich moisture lock into your locks for soft, sensual-to-touch hair that stays free of tangles and frizz. Fine or coarse hair bounces with ravishing brilliance for a look that outshines every time without weighing your head down. Available in full size or travel size so you can have hair that begs to be caressed anywhere you are.

Leave-in Conditioner

8.8 fl oz

Leave-in Conditioner

2.3 fl oz


Don’t just enhance your look – protect it. The WIGOUT FITTING Foam enhances shine and texture with soft hold that is super easy to style. The lightweight, alcohol-free formula is infused with hydrolyzed keratin and nourishing plant-based oils to protect your hair. The protective foam includes specially-selected ingredients for natural shine that stand up to daily styling and environmental stress.

Shake the WIGOUT bottle and release a pump of lightweight, fragrant foam into your hands. Run your fingers through dry or damp hair for an instant keratin infusion and then style as desired. Enjoy the lightweight hold and instant shine of WIGOUT FITTING Foam with a stronger styling product or alone.


8.45 fl oz


2.3 fl oz